In the State of Texas, a speeding ticket is considered a criminal offense and your case will be handled in the municipal court of the city where the offense occurred or the justice of the peace in the precinct where the offense occurred. The court date on the ticket is an arraignment setting where you can enter a plea of not guilty to the charge or plead guilty and negotiate for a lesser fine, court costs and points. At your arraignment setting, when you plead not guilty, you do have the option of requesting a judge or jury trial. If you lose at trial, there will be a conviction and points on your record and you will be responsible for a fine and court costs. If you win at trial, you will not owe anything and there will not be any points added to your driving record.  An attorney can handle all tickets, including but not limited to, moving violations, equipment violations, insurance violations and driverís license violations. We also handle traffic cases involving an individual that has a commercial driverís license. We can also provide legal representation in other Class C criminal offenses like assault, disorderly conduct, school violations and others. It is very important to have an attorney to navigate you through these types of cases.  Please contact Carrabba & Associates, P.C. if you have a traffic ticket or other Class C misdemeanor charge so that we can determine if we can assist you and help with protecting your rights.