Many consumers are taken advantage of everyday by unsavory individuals and businesses. Even thought most businesses operate in a fair and legal manner, the unscrupulous individuals and businesses costs Texas’ consumers a lot of time and money each year.  It is very important for the Texas’ consumer to be knowledgeable about consumer laws and about their rights when entering into any transaction and/or contract with another person or business. Your consumer law matter may be, among other things, a debt collector that is harassing you, a car dealer that sold you a lemon, a wrongful repossession of your car, a wrongful home solicitation, or a violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act.  Under consumer protection laws, a consumer may file suit for a consumer law violation and ask for an award of damages. Some of the state and federal consumer law statutes also allow for the award of attorney’s fees if you win the lawsuit.


Contracts are entered into everyday. Contracts can involve almost any subject.  Contracts can be simple or can be complicated. Contracts can be written or verbal.  Each party to a contract has rights and responsibilities associated with that contract.  It is very important that when you are involved in a contract that you are familiar with all terms of the contract. It is important to have an attorney if you are involved in litigation over a contract. You may be entitled to damages for violations of the terms of the contract and/or attorney’s fees if the contract allows for it.  Legal representation will help you understand the terms of the contract and, if you, and the other party have fulfilled the terms of the agreement. Please contact Carrabba & Associates, P.C. if you are involved in a contractual dispute or have a consumer law matter so that we can determine if we can assist you.